Windmill Island

Windmill Island felt like a small Dutch village. The buildings, windmill, shops, and what they sell inside the shops is an homage to the Dutch culture. Even the staff are dressed in traditional Dutch costumes. It was very interesting to observe how a small town in the United States looked like a little European village.

We took a tour of the windmill and got the history behind it. The materials for the windmill came all the way from the Netherlands and the miller even received her training there and learned how to speak Dutch as well. The flour that they make is sold inside the shop.

In summer news, I finally had the time to go camping with my friends. We spent a couple of nights outdoors building fire, eating a lot, and enjoying the summer weather! 

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Tulips overload

Summer is in full swing! And I love that it's practically sunny everyday but the only problem is I'm at work most of the time. No fun!

But I can't complain too much because hey it's gorgeous outside and I take walks at night with my bf after work and grab myself gelato every chance I get ;)

Spring and summer can't be complete without the flowers blooming. Above are more photos from my trip to Holland, Michigan. I loved the different varieties of tulips we saw. The colours were even more amazing in person.

I plan to take a mini vacation next weekend and I hope my plans work out. Hope you are all having a great summer so far!

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Pure Michigan

We decided to take our spring road trip this year to Michigan and then to Chicago. My bf suggested we go to Holland, Michigan. After a google search, I realized that we will make it to the tulip festival. If I can't make it to The Netherlands, I might as well go somewhere that's close enough. Five hours by car!

I was excited! The last time I went to a tulip festival, it was in Ottawa and that was a disappointment. I didn't see field of tulips like I envisioned but small patches of tulips. Not worth the drive for 3 hours.

The tulip park above was a accidental find. We were looking for parking and bam! Tulips everywhere. It's free so we stopped and I took gazillion photos of course! I love the varieties and all the different colours of tulips. 

Now that's what I call a tulip festival! 

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Quepos Part II

It's summer! Finally! I have been working a lot this month so pardon my absence. It has been an intense couple of weeks but I hope it will wind down soon and I can have more free time to relax. I hope you are all enjoying the summer so far.'s a beautiful town! And you can find a restaurant with an airplane inside. The view from the top of the mountain going down to the beach was magnificient! I was excited to go to the beach when I woke up that day.
The sun greeted us that day and we went straight to the beach after breakfast. I slathered on sunscreen and started tanning right away (I was super pale from the harsh winter).
This view was a great change from the snowy/grey skies we had in Toronto. Bliss!
The cheeky monkeys on the prowl for tourists who will give them food. I did not feed the monkeys. I tried not even coming close because I know they are not well behaved. The other tourists though were feeding the monkeys. Not sure if they should have been doing that.
The monkeys do take belongings so you have to be careful and watch your things. They will take sunglasses, food, camera, anything they can get their hands on. I always had my things in a backpack just in case I go in the water. Do not leave your belongings unattended. It's not safe.
Cute but naughty monkey!
I wish this is my view everyday!

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