Birthday Destinations

My birthday falls in the dead of winter. February is the shortest but sometimes can be the coldest month in winter. It's a depressing month coupled up with me getting older. I began to strategically plan my trips between my birth day a couple of years ago. I really try not to be home during my birthday to avoid depression and the cold cold winter. 

I try to celebrate in warmer climates so I don't have to bundle up to go out. Beach destinations is usually my target. I like to relax and do nothing on my birthday.

So far, I have celebrated my birthday's in Thailand, Cuba, Spain, and Costa Rica. I want to keep going for as long as I can.

Have you ever celebrated your birthday abroad? Do you go on birthday vacation?

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St. Jacob's County

A couple of weeks ago, I was craving for a mini road trip. I wanted to get out and escape the noise of the city. We didn't want to drive too far so we decided to go to St. Jacob's County. We went on a Sunday so we (sadly) missed the farmer's market (I heard good things!) but we ended up at the Village and all of the shops were open. 

We went inside the Mill to see the maple syrup making exhibit. They also had a train and quilt exhibit at the same building. We wanted to walk around and browse around the shops. Most of the shops sells clothing and knick knacks. The only interesting shop for me was the broom shop. I bought the cutest mini broom for our kitchen. 

We ended up going on a walking trail just outside the main village. It was about a 3km walk. We saw a lot of people enjoying their walk and most had their dogs with them. At the end of the trail, we saw the dam. It looks like a great fishing and picnic spot. Definitely going back there next year more prepared.

A great way to spend Sunday afternoon! 

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Manuel Antonio National Park II

After spending a couple of hours tanning and swimming, we decided to explore the park a bit more. We went to a more popular beach in the park. I couldn't get over how beautiful Costa Rica is. It's so diverse and it offers a lot of activities to everyone. You can hike, see volcanoes, go to the beach, see a lot of wildlife, and etc. I didn't feel bored or trap inside a touristy resort. I had full reign on my schedule and how I spent it.

I loved walking around the park and see animals on our walk. We saw a lot of iguana's and monkeys. And thankfully no crocodiles! 

I really really want to go back to Costa Rica. 

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Agoda Travel Smarts

I thought this might be helpful for everyone to know when to travel to a destination if you want to get a deal!

Happy travels :)

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