Mexican sunset

March 24, 2015

Our resort was expansive and there were a lot of places to explore. I loved that we had a lot of space to roam around in. 

Just before going to dinner, we decided to walk around to try to catch the sunset. We walked and walked until we discovered a cliff. It was a little scary to walk on a very small piece of land. I was mildly freaking out so I walked very slowly and watched my step so I don't plunge down the cliff.
The view and sunset more than compensated for my fear. Not to mention the seeing the tallest cactus ever!! It was beautiful!

What I ate: La Crucecita Restaurant

March 21, 2015

We visited the town of La Crucecita twice during our stay in Huatulco (more on the town later). During our visits, we ended up having lunch there. Our resort restaurants had a lot of varities of food but I always make it a mission to leave the resort and try the local food outside as it is always different. And more authentic.

It was fun to walk around and see the various restaurants the town has to offer. This restaurant was located on the street where I took pictures with the bougainvillea.
We ordered too much food because the menu looked amazing. And we didn't realize until we ordered our mains that the restaurant had a weekend special for carnitas. We had to order a few to try and it was delicious!

Travel reading Part II

March 20, 2015

Like I mentioned before, I get a lot of reading done when I'm on vacation. Beach vacations are the best time for reading. While your tanning or lounging on the beach, open a book, and keep on reading. I saw a lot more people reading this time in Mexico. 

1. Looking for Alaska - being young and fearless!
2. Girl on the train - reminded me so much of "Gone Girl". Love the twist in this book.
3. The Look of Love - light and fluffy read.
4. Morning Glory - made me re-watch Sleepless in Seattle after reading this book.

What book(s) have you read lately? Any recommendations?

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March 18, 2015

While walking around the town of La Crucecita, we stumbled upon this street not knowing we would find a house full of  bouganvillea's. For a person who grew up in a tropical county, this was heaven for me! I love exploring without a map, you never know what you will find...