Nagoya Castle Garden

March 5, 2015

I love walking around the castle grounds. It was so quiet and I enjoyed photographing everything. My favourite is the first picture with the lady on the bike. A lot of people bike in Japan especially the older generation. I guess that's the key to their health! 

I also loved the river view from the castle. Everything looks so tranquil.

Atsuta Shrine Nagoya

March 2, 2015

Keiko toured us to her favourite shrine. The Atsuta shrine. After wandering around Nagoya castle for hours, we made our way into this shrine just before sunset. 

We all felt the immediate peace while walking the shrine grounds. I love the Torii that greeted us in the entrance. No orange colour this time. We did the usual hand cleansing and I was getting used to it. 

The little girl from the picture above did not want to leave without having her picture taken in front of the flower exhibit. Her mother wanted to leave. She stood her ground and cried when her Mom finally caved in. We were passing her when Keiko started talking to the little girl in Japanese. I asked Keiko if we can take her picture and the little girl immediately stopped crying and started posing. She is so kawaii!!And I love her kimono. 

What I ate in Nagoya: Tori-Tori Tei & Ramen

February 27, 2015

We were so hungry after walking around Nagoya castle for a couple of hours that by the time we had lunch - we just ate at the most convenient location which was located near a post office. It was a one man show. One man manning the restaurant. He was our server and cook. He was so effecient and the food was delicious!
I had the miso ramen. And my dress was splattered with it too. I haven't learned how to slurp ramen like a local. Such a rookie!
We were stumped on where to eat on our last night in Nagoya. We walked around our hotel and we found this restaurant by smell. It was less than 5 minutes away from our hotel and we could smell the charcoal and decided that we would eat here. No regrets! 

We received chopped cabbage with dipping sauce and it was amazing! I am not a fan of raw cabbage but this one was really really good and when you dip it from the in-house sauce, it's even more amazing! 

We ordered a bunch of meat to grill - chicken, beef, heart, etc. Everything was good!

Nagoya Castle: Ninomaru Tea House

February 24, 2015

We were super lucky that the Ninomaru Tea House and garden was open for us to wander around in. I love the traditional Japanese house. I love the use wood and tatami. I wish I can have a Japanese style house one day but with heating of course for winter ;) Not found of low ceilings too since I live with a very tall person. 
What a treat though! Next time I would love to experience a Japanese tea ceremony! It makes me really want to go back to Japan to do a lot more things that I missed this time.